What is Google Adsense And How To make Money with it

What is Google Adsense? Adsense is a Product of Google.Which shows ads of automatic text, image and video on the publisher’s website or blog. Most bloggers depend on it. If your blog is AdSense approved, then you can put its ads on your blog. From this, you can make money in two ways. Impressions: It … Read more

How to choose a Niche for your Blog in 2020{+101 ideas

Hello Friends!Welcome to SimranBlog.xyz Today’s Topic is How to choose your blog’s topic (Niche)? After deciding to write a blog, the first question that comes to mind is – How to choose your blog’s topic (Niche)?Before starting, let’s have a look at its basic questions. What is Blog Niche?:The topic or topic on which we … Read more