Instagram Tips!How to Earn Money from Instagram (Part-1)

How to earn money from Instagram

Instagram:Welcome friends to Simranblog, today we will talk about how we can earn money from Instagram, friends, you all know that today’s era is online, there is a digital online platform from where you can earn money in many ways whether it is Facebook platform. Be it YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp,

let us know today how we can earn money from Instagram, friends, first of all we start any work, for that we have to have knowledge of hard work and dedication, these two things are very Powerful Keywords.

It is important that friends, whether we are Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, can earn money from all these platforms, what is the first thing you have to do for this, let us discuss about it, then first of all you have to make videos every day . You can create shortcut videos or reels and you have to post on daily basis.First of all you have to decide your Niche.

How to earn Money from Instagram?

Instagram is a Social Networking Platform. Where you can share photos, videos. Instagram was created by Kevin & Mike (Facebook Developers) and launched by Facebook in 2010. And today it has millions of users. From 2010 to 2018, it had more than 1 billion users.

This is a platform that is being used by the stars of the film world as well. Every day, keep posting your picture or any sponsor.

If you are using it then it is a good thing and if not then you can easily install it from Play Store.

But when it comes to downloading Instagram, but what is there in it, with the help of which we can earn money from Instagram sitting at home.

Who doesn’t want to earn money nowadays? People also go abroad in the pursuit of earning money. But by reading this post you will understand that you can earn without going anywhere.

If you want to earn using this platform, then first you have to do Followers Increase on your Instagram Account.

I have given some tips to increase the number of followers. Through which it can help to increase followers. Let’s know how to increase followers on Instagram?

How to increase followers on Instagram?

I have told you several ways below. Which is in detail step by step in full details.

1- Find Your Niche

Your first task will be to choose the Niche (Topic). You should choose a subject about which you have knowledge. Which you can easily promote.

This is first and foremost. Because this will decide how much earning you can do. So choose it very carefully.

2- Take Good Photos & Make Attractive

Whenever you post on Instagram, be it a video or a photo, put a good quality post. that can attract people.

This will increase the popularity of your account. At the same time, the fans will also increase. Through which you can earn.

Keep the photo in high quality. You can make your photo great by using Android App like Snap Seed, Light Room.

3- Post Regularly

Make sure to post something good on your Instagram every day. This strengthens the stability of your account.

The advantage of which is that your post reaches a lot of people. And after getting a good photo or any good information, users also start following.

So if you are serious then use all these tips properly.

4- #Tag

This is the best way to increase followers on your Instagram. You can see Instagram How to earn money from Instagram?

When you post a post, do a related post from your Niche. And you can increase your post Relevancy by #Tag with Relevant Topic with Post.

The followers with whom you tag the post can also follow you. Tagging increases the reach of the post. Which is very necessary.

5- Engagement

This means that when you have thousands of millions of followers, then you do not have to leave them like that.

You maintain an interaction with your followers. So that your engagement with your Supporters remains.

To create engagement, do live streaming once a week or you must reply to someone’s comment.

Creating engagement on your account is equally important as creating followers. Now your question would be why?

Suppose you have 50K followers on your ID. There will be only a few of them who will like your post. And when you stay engaged with all the people, then the chances become more for people to buy the products mentioned by you which they have suggested.

Earn Money from Instagram:

You will find many options on the internet to earn money from Instagram. But I have told you step by step about some special method which I like very much.

Information about some 5 methods is given. Which can be beneficial for you if you implement it properly. Let us know about those 6 ways –

6.Ways To Earn Money From Instagram:

1- Affiliate Marketing

If you earn money by doing Affiliate Marketing it is very fun. And it’s very easy too.

You have to share the link of products from any site in your post. According to the category of your goods, you are given a commission.

The more quantity you sell, the more you will earn. But you are the products that you are promoting. Post only after getting good information.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners And How to start Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Marketing in India For Begginers

2- By Sponsored Post
When you make more of your followers, then big companies give you money to promote your goods to sell their products, services.

But the company sponsors by seeing good likes on your posts and how your audience engagement is.

You can earn in two ways by getting sponsorship. For one, the company will sponsor it, it will give money. Also Instagram will give.

3- By Selling Instagram Account
If a good number of people have joined your ID, then you can also earn by selling your account. This is also a good way to earn money from Instagram.

The cost of the account depends on your followers. The more people the higher the price.

Big Digital Marketers buy your account by paying a good price. Because they need it more.

4- By selling photos
If you love taking photos. If Aachi can take good photos. Even then you can earn. You can sell the photo by editing it in high quality.

5- Merchandise Sell
If you have any specific information. So you can launch your own course. Or even write your own book.

Who can earn good money from the bench. All you have to do is promote your products.

6- By Website Promotion
If you have made good followers on Instagram then you can contact new website user. You tell them that we will promote your website, in return you can take money from them.

How to add link in instagram post?
You must have often seen that when we make a post and add a link to the post, it is posted in the format of the text, not the link.

To create a link, you must first go to the website from where your product is listed.

A coupon code will have to be generated from this website with a link to the product. Link the coupon code to your post. Due to which the visitor will get some discount on clicking on your post and you get some commission for selling the products.

How Much Money can You Earn on Instagram?
If you have made 20k followers on your account, then you can earn up to $100 per post.

And if you are above 1 lakh then you can earn from $ 800 to $ 900. For your information, let us tell you that Virat Kohli charges up to 25 lakhs per post.


Today you learned about How to Earn Money from Instagram ? . Also, know how you will be able to earn from Instagram. After reading all the methods, you must have understood well.

And if you had the same question that how to make money from Instagram then I think you have got your answer.Thanks for reading



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