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google search console.
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What is Google Search Console?
Google Search Console, a free service from Google, lets you monitor and maintain your site’s performance. Plus, it can help you troubleshoot issues with your site showing up in Google’s search results. You don’t need to sign up for Search Console for your site to appear in Google’s search results. However, Search Console helps you understand how Google sees your site. Plus, it lets you improve your site to appear in search results.

Google Search Console
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You can use the tools and reports in Search Console to:

To make sure that Google can find and crawl your site.
To fix problems with indexing the site and to request re-indexing of new or updated content.
To see data for site traffic through Google Search: how often your site is shown in Google Search, which search queries your site is shown in response to, how many times a user appears in these search results clicks through to your site and includes data on many other things.
To receive notifications about issues Google found to index your site, spam, and other issues.
To get information about websites that link to your site.
Resolve issues with AMP, site usage on mobile, and other Search features.

Who should use Search Console?
Anyone who has a website! From the general user to the expert, and from the new to the seasoned user, Search Console can help everyone.

Businessman: Even if you’re not a Search Console user yourself, you should be aware of this. Additionally, you should know the basics of improving your site for search engines and the features of Google Search.

SEO Expert or Marketer: If you work in the field of online marketing, then Search Console will help you to monitor website traffic and improve the site’s rank. It will also help you make better decisions about how your site will appear in search results. You can use the information provided in Search Console to make technical decisions for the website. Plus, using this information in conjunction with other Google tools, such as Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Ads, can give you a more detailed assessment of marketing.

Site admins: As a site administrator, you want your site to function optimally. With Search Console, you can monitor security issues like server errors, site loading issues, as well as site hacks and malware. In some cases you can even solve these problems. Using this, you can see that when you maintain or make any changes to your site, they are done without any hassle. Also, they should not have any adverse effect on your site’s performance in search results.

Web Developer: If you’re creating your own markup and/or code for your site, you can use Search Console to track and fix common markup issues. These issues include problems with structured data errors.

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