Google Question Hub-Full deatils

Google question hub

Google launched Question Hub during its Google Question Hub event. More than 300 bloggers and youtubers from all over the country participated in this program of Google. Let us know how this tool will be helpful in writing valuable content for content creators and bloggers. Let us tell you that this Question Hub Tool is absolutely free. You must have a blog to use it.

What is Google Question Hub?

Google has created a tool called Question Hub which will be given only to the publisher and blogger. With the help of this tool, you can easily find out about such topics. About which users are searching on internet. For example, if you want to write a post on the topic of a celebrity, then you just have to enter the name of that celebrity in the GQH tool, after that you will get to see all such topics related to celebrity which are the most on the Internet. Searches are being done. Google wants Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telgu etc. As more and more user relevant content should be published in Indian languages ​​and for this only Google Question Hub program has been started in it.

How to join google question hub?

To join Google Question Hub, you must have a Hindi blog and that blog should be on .com or .in Extension Blog will not work To join Google Question Hub, you have to whitelist your email address and your Email gets whitelisted, after that you can join Google questionhub and answer the question asked in Google by writing a post on your blog.

Click on the link to join Google question hub – Google Question Hub Link

(Information about all the tools of Question Hub) Question Hub all features details

If you are new to Question Hub then you may have trouble accessing them. That is why we are telling you the details about the complete features of Question Hub.

1. Questions

Through these options, the list of all the questions you have selected from the topic in the question hub will be shown here. from here

You can answer all the questions as well as reject those questions which you do not want to answer.

2. Topics

From here you can choose the topic of the question. The questions you want to answer. For example, if your website is related to the technology topic, then you should choose the options with technology. With this it will happen that the questions that will come in front of you will only come related to technology. Remember, you can choose only 25 questions at a time.

3. History

Through this option you can see the answers of all the questions you have given. Also, you can see the history of all the questions that have been rejected from here.

4. Send feedback

Through this option you can contact the team of Question Hub. That is, if you face any problem, you can use this option for help.

5. Seetings

With this option you can change the primary language of your account and through this option you can also change the language of the questions. Also, from here you can delete your activity and history and you can also delete your account forever. Another option is given in this CSV, through this you can download and view all your history and activity or you can save them in your computer or mobile.

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